Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome to Law Praxis

As practicing attorneys, our optimal success requires an active engagement with legal theory and with the concerns of the broader community - an engagement that reconciles and brings the two together.  We must aim for more than just legal practice.  We must aim for legal praxis.
Praxis "is not simply action based on reflection. It is action which embodies certain qualities. These include a commitment to human well being and the search for truth, and respect for others. It is the action of people who are free, who are able to act for themselves. Moreover, praxis is always risky. It requires that a person 'makes a wise and prudent practical judgement about how to act in this situation.'"  W. Carr & S. Kemmis Becoming Critical: Education, knowledge and action research 190 (1986). 
This blog is a place for reflection and discussion of legal praxis.  I am a sole practitioner, general litigator, consumer and civil rights lawyer, and legal scholar.  Join the discussion!

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